CarbonWHO Who's Who People Directory for the Low Carbon Economy Mon, 31 Mar 2014 02:44:17 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Bob Ferris Mon, 01 Apr 2013 18:34:19 +0000 The Board of Directors and staff of RE Sources for Sustainable Communities are pleased to announce the successful recruitment of nationally known conservationist and sustainability leader, Mr. Bob Ferris, to fill their vacant executive director position. “Bob has the experience and vision to lead the organization to the next level and move Northwestern Washington State further along the path towards sustainability.”

Ferris is a twenty year veteran in the environmental and sustainability communities contributing seminal work in areas ranging from wolf restoration and agricultural policy to renewable energy and economic revitalization. He has held senior or CEO positions at the Wildlife Habitat Council, Defenders of Wildlife, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Community Environmental Council, Yestermorrow Design/Build School, and the Center for a New American Dream.

Bob was the creator of the Fossil-Free by ’33 movement in Southern California, a co-founder of the Carbon Shredders, and a founding member of the New Economy Network. He is also an accomplished writer with a book on natural building, many seminal policy and campaign documents as well as dozens of opinion pieces in national and regional publications.

Bob is also an accomplished writer with a book on natural building, numerous scientific and policy documents as well as dozens of opinion pieces in national and regional publications. Ferris holds degrees in environmental studies and biology from the University of California at Santa Cruz and zoology from San Jose State University. RE Sources is non-profit organization ( that was originally founded in 1982 as Bellingham Community Recycling. Since that time the organization has grown and broadened its program scope to include two The RE Store locations (Bellingham and Seattle, an extensive Youth Education program (, a full-spectrum water quality and aquatic habitat program anchored by the North Sound Baykeeper (, and an emerging set of sustainability programs such as be cool ( run out of the Sustainable Living Center located atop the Bellingham The RE Store.

RE Sources is non-profit organization ( that was originally founded in 1982 as Bellingham Community Recycling. Since that time the organization has grown and broadened its program scope to include two The RE Store locations (Bellingham and Seattle, an extensive Youth Education program (, a full-spectrum water quality and aquatic habitat program anchored by the North Sound Baykeeper (, and an emerging set of sustainability programs such as be cool ( run out of the Sustainable Living Center located atop the Bellingham The RE Store.
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Patrick Choo Mon, 01 Apr 2013 06:34:13 +0000 Mr. Patrick Choo is a director of Kingsway Fund Management (KFM), an SRI fund management company based in Hong Kong which focuses on the Asia excluding Japan equities. Kingsway Fund Management (KFM), a Hong Kong-based SRI firm, is making strides to reverse this dearth of information. Earlier this year, it released a survey assessing the social, environmental and corporate governance performances.

Patrick integrated the SRI process into KFM’s investment philosophy in 2000 and is currently heading KFM’s SRI team. Patrick has over fourteen years of direct fund management experience from asset management companies such as DBS Asset Management and Sun Hung Kai Fund Management

Mr. Choo is the architect of Kingsway’s ongoing S.R.I initiative. This S.R.I. initiative includes the design and implementation of an SRI evaluation process and the launch of the Kingsway S.R.I. Asia Fund. Patrick is also heading the KFM team managing unit trusts and MPF funds. Patrick’s academic background is that he is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

[box type=”info”]Investment funds which describe themselves as SRI funds in their marketing literature have a history which goes back into the ‘Socially Responsible Investing’ days of the 1990s. As such these funds tend to have ‘ethical’ screens and fulfil the modern definition of ‘responsible’ investing

The term SRI is not understood widely outside the investment industry by the man on the street. Thus it is not a term which new funds are likely to use in their marketing literature as a focal point. Under the more modern definition it is entirely possible that an SRI fund could have no ethical screens. This is unlikely though as SRI is not understood by the public and therefore is a bit redundant as a marketing term.

The terms ‘Sustainable’ and ‘Responsible’ are separate terms used separately in the investment industry, thus SRI is a term likely to live on. However, it is not a useful way for an investor to define what he, or she is looking for. Worldwise Investor enables an investor to find investment funds using themes as a category. It also enables an investor to filter this selection further by applying an ethical screen if an investor deems this relevant.
[/box] ]]> 0 David Hammond Sun, 31 Mar 2013 18:34:21 +0000 Mr. David Hammond is an Environmental Chemist with a broad, interdisciplinary background in sustainable wastewater treatment, chemical ecology, strategic planning, natural products chemistry, sustainable agriculture, international community development, product innovation, and organizational management.  He has twenty-five years of experience working in the field of sustainability, helping companies innovate and problem-solve, especially by learning from nature, a field called biomimicry.

David is our Vice President of Engineering.  He previously co-founded GO2 Water, specializing in Design-Build-Operate of large-scale, engineered natural systems for the economical and ecological treatment of wastewater for total recycling, using anaerobic digestion to produce biogas and using microalgae to aerate the water and capture its nutrients in a process that leaves no sludge residuals.

Dr. Hammond also founded a non-profit corporation, Altertec, which grew to one hundred employees fostering sensible development in Latin American communities, including potable water systems and sustainable agriculture techniques.  The theoretical and practical framework for Altertec’s educational work is Permaculture Design, which encourages the conscious design of agricultural ecosystems that mimic natural ecosystems, particularly in their diversity of species and their symbiotic interactions.

David earned a M.S. degree from UC Berkeley’s Energy & Resources Group, and a Ph.D. in Agricultural & Environmental Chemistry, specializing in chemical ecology – the interaction of plants and animals at the chemical level. He is fluent in Spanish and comfortable in Portuguese.  He has published in scientific journals spanning environmental chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and pharmacology. David is the inventor on two patents and a frequent speaker at a wide range of conferences and meetings. He holds Ph.D. and Master of Science University of California Berkeley. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Third World Studies and Spanish Linguistics from University of California San Diego. He has also been a University Regents Fellowship twice and had received the Magy Scholarship for excellence in entomology.

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David Gait Sun, 31 Mar 2013 06:36:43 +0000 Mr. David Gait is a Senior Portfolio Manager with Global Emerging Markets & Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) team. He joined the company in 1997 and took on portfolio manager responsibilities in December 2005. In early 1999, he joined the Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) desk as Senior Analyst.  Having initially covered Korea, Taiwan and the Indian Sub-continent until the end of 2000, he then focused his research efforts on China and South-East Asia. David now covers all emerging markets with a specific focus on SRI and macro research.

Mr. Gait has been a member of the First State Global Emerging Markets investment team for the past seven years. In addition to his role as an emerging markets fund manager, he focuses on the promotion of sustainable investment and good corporate governance within the team, as well as acting as the team’s economist. David has been managing funds for over 11 years.

First State Investments (UK) manages 7.5 billion of which around four billion dollars is invested in global emerging markets and Asia Pacific (ex Japan). First State is recognized as a proven, highly successful and awarding-winning specialist manager of Global Emerging Market portfolios. Having achieved outstanding and consistent risk adjusted returns over a twelve year period timeframe.

David is an honors graduate in Economics from Cambridge University and holds a M.Sc. in Investment Analysis from University of Stirling. He is also a member of the organization UK Society of Investment Professionals (UKSIP).

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Thomas Morton Haugen Sat, 30 Mar 2013 18:35:11 +0000 Mr. Tom Haugen is an Executive Director of Li & Fung (Trading) Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Li & Fung Limited and is in charge of the Value Retailers & Brands (U.S.A.) business stream. Before joining the Group, he was the President of Dodwell Apparel North America for Inchcape, a global sourcing network acquired by Li & Fung in 1995.

Mr. Haugen has over 30 years of experience in retail buying and merchandising, as well as product development and sourcing based both in the U.S. and in Hong Kong. He is also actively involved in the work of Business for Social Responsibility, a U.S.A. based organization providing training and other assistance to help companies ensure their products are being manufactured in fully compliant factories.

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Bart Jan Krouwel Sat, 30 Mar 2013 06:34:42 +0000 Mr. Bart Jan Krouwel has been with Rabobank Nederland since August 1st, 1996. He is the Managing Director Corporate Social Responsibility of the Rabobank Group. He is also the Deputy General Manager at Rabobank. Bart started his career in the banking world (1964) and was among others co-founder and first managing director of the Triodos Bank (1980-1986).

So between 1986 and 1996 he worked seven years as general manager of a multi-functional (mainstream, anthroposophical and alternative) medical centre and for three years as managing director of a joint-venture of several foundations in the area of (international) environmental care, healthcare, humanitarian aid and peace initiatives.

After Mr. Krouwel started his career within the AMRO Bank N.V. in 1964, he was co-founder and first general manager of the fully independent Triodos Bank N.V. In 1980, a new banking institution operating on the basis of the anthroposophical way of life imitated. For this work the following year, he received a special award from Prince Claus and the FEM/PA medal for socially innovative entrepreneurship.

Then from 1993 to 1996 Bart was employed as managing director of a number of affiliated, privately ran foundations in the field of national and international environment management, humanitarian aid, healthcare and peace initiatives, among them an organization of which the former president of the Soviet Union, Michail Gorbatchov, was honorary president.

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Samuel Prentice Fri, 29 Mar 2013 18:34:25 +0000 Samuel likes hip hop, rock climbing, dirt, and sustainability. Most recently, he created ecological maps for the US Forest Service in Arizona. Their immediate goal is to complete a full inventory of forest resources using an integrated landscape scale analysis of soil, vegetation, and climate zones. The primary output of the work is the delineation of unique ecological zones that will drive regional forest management and research activities.

Samuel is near his term goal which is to incorporate the carbon capture/release potential of disturbances (fire, grazing, or logging) within a given forest area, and create a verifiable method for carbon market cost-benefit analysis across diverse forest landscapes. He is interested in meeting anyone who is mapping ecosystem services or developing forest-based carbon market mechanisms or forest accreditation programs.

In terms of Samuel’s academic background, he obtained his post secondary studies in engineering/environmental geology from Northeastern University, received his Bachelor of Science in International Agricultural Development/ Soil Science from University of California – Davis, and studied Soil Biogeochemistry at Colorado State University. He is currently a graduate student studying Geography at the University of California – Santa Barbara.

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Karl Horeis Fri, 29 Mar 2013 06:34:18 +0000 Mr. Karl Horeis is a native of Portland, Oregon where he grew up camping on the coast, exploring the high desert, hiking the Columbia Gorge and Cascade Mountains, and reading the books at Powell’s Bookstore. Being exposed to both varied ecosystems and the landscape of good stories sparked his drive to pursue a Journalism degree at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington. Subsequently, Mr. Horeis traveled to more than 20 countries and wrote for the Nevada Appeal, Associated Press, Yoga Journal, and before taking a job in Antarctica working for the National Science Foundation. In the past, he worked in journalism for several years in Nevada, and then spent a year at McMurdo Station prior to Antarctica.

It was in Antarctica where he met his wife, Kitty, a teacher. Together they sailed across the Pacific Ocean before returning to Colorado where Mr. Horeis joined his wife in teaching, earning a Master’s in Education from the University of Colorado. He loves teaching third and fourth graders at Foothills Academy in Wheat Ridge where he asks his students to “Create Solutions – Not Problems” on frequent outings and adventures. Horeis’ journey to Raven Bluff began during the PolarTREC teacher training in Fairbanks in May. Mr. Horeis’ hobbies include sailing, climbing, and illustrating his travel journals. His latest adventure is in parenting as he welcomed baby boy Holt into his family in March, 2010.

He states, “I want to maximize the potential of this miraculous, unexplainable living reality we share. I’m fascinated that we are made of the exact same carbon and nitrogen atoms as the dinosaurs and I absolutely LOVE being alive!” I’m disappointed that we have built soul-less strip malls and traffic-clogged freeways and I wish we could have more quiet time around a dying camp fire. But I’m optimistic and working hard to shape the future the best way I know how: by inspiring and encouraging young people.

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Bijan Foroodian Thu, 28 Mar 2013 18:34:40 +0000 Mr. Bijan Foroodian is the Director of Quantitative Analysis at Innovest. He leads the team providing ongoing enhancements to the firm’s analytical models and helps develop new investment products. He has had an extensive career in the quantitative investment field, having worked in the quantitative group at Barclays Global Investors in San Francisco, and as a financial engineer at Algorithmics, a leading provider of quantitative risk management tools.

Foroodian served most recently as Vice President of Quantitative Research at Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein working in both London and Tokyo. His work at Dr KW focused on the development and implementation of quantitative tools and strategies for the firm’s proprietary trading book. Foroodian holds both a bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Engineering and Economics from Oxford University, as well as an MBA in Finance from the University of London. He also has a Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

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Cynthia Grier Thu, 28 Mar 2013 06:34:31 +0000

Ecologic Life began in 2007 when founder and manager Ms. Cynthia Grier made a trip to Ojai and Ventura County, CA and recognized the strong desire of the people to shift their lifestyle to a much more sustainable way of living. This is her mission… “To make eco-friendly building materials accessible and to teach ways of creating beautiful, healthy, affordable environments that promotes sustainability and can be a source of well being.”

Ms. Grier has been a proponent of environmental causes for many years, beginning with Environmental Studies courses in college. She then worked many years as a manufacturer’s representative for a variety of building materials and finishes, assisting architects, designers and contractors with design and technical information. During that time, she built two new homes of her own with conventional building materials. Later, Cynthia became very ill and it took a few years to determine that it was her homes, with their toxic finishes and materials, which were making her ill. By changing her environment and surrounding herself with natural and healthy alternatives, she has regained her health.

Cynthia is a Build It Green Certified Green Building Professional, a member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), the Natural Building Network and the Institute for Bau-Biologie and Ecology.  She is currently studying for her Certification as a Bau-Biologie (Building Biology) Practitioner.  And, she sits on the Ojai Valley Green Coalition – Built Environment Council where she has helped to design and assemble a mock green home in both the Ojai Valley Museum and the Community Services of Ventura County Green Center, and is an Editorial Advisor for Natural Home Magazine.

Cynthia is currently active in remodeling projects for residential and commercial spaces, and also in researching, writing about and promoting ecohealthy building and sustainability commitments of ecotourisim resorts, destinations and other lodging and restaurants. Cynthia is passionate about sharing her knowledge of healthy, eco-friendly building.  She is available for speaking/teaching engagements, consultations on material selection & specification, space planning & design, and will compile written articles for any media. She received her degree in Interior Environmental Design and began her career as an Interior Designer.

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